Nicolet Morgan

Client Partner for the Travel Industry

As Facebook’s reach and utility continues to grow for travel companies of all kinds, Client Partner Nicolet Morgan is the company’s...


Travis Kalanick

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

The smart, opinionated CEO has barreled through the ground transportation industry with all the delicacy of a rabid bull in a china shop. He’s done such a masterful...


Michael Small

President and CEO

On any given airline flight, only about seven percent of passengers purchase in-flight WiFi. But Michael Small, President and CEO of Gogo Air, which has equipped more...


Brian Camposano

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Concur’s cloud-based business travel platform handles everything from booking flights to itineraries to expense reports. The company’s...


Valyn Perini

Senior Vice President
Kalibri Labs

Valyn Perini is a veteran of the travel industry, currently serving as Senior Vice President of Kalibri Labs. She’s worked for hotel companies like InterContinental,...


Ellen Keszler

President & CEO
Clear Sky Associates

Ellen Keszler is a travel industry veteran, who currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Sky Associates, a management and strategy consulting firm focused on the technology and...


Jim Davidson

President and CEO

Farelogix President and CEO Jim Davidson came to the company in 2005 and immediately shook up the airline IT space. Nearly a decade later, Davidson and Farelogix continue to...


Drew Patterson

Room 77

Drew Patterson’s role of CEO at  hotel search startup Room 77 is just his latest endeavor in 15 years in the online travel space. His experience launching two startups and...