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Cheryl Rosner

Co-founder and CEO

Cheryl Rosner co-founded Stayful in 2013, targeting “self-directed travelers” who do their own research, prefer boutique hotels, and don’t mind negotiating for the rate they want to pay. Stayful uses a proprietary system to gather unique pricing data and guide users to create a bid that independent hoteliers will accept. Rosner views unsold boutique hotel rooms as “perishable inventory,” offering that “Travelers are currently researching 21 sites on average to try and book their trips. We take the guesswork out of it for travelers, and hotels get great new guests. Everybody wins.”

Rosner has served as Vice President and President of and Expedia Corporate Travel, but she’s stayed ahead of the curve in other sectors. She was CEO of both BuyWithMe, a daily deals site that raised $31.5 million in venture capital and rising to the third-largest daily deals site before being sold to Gilt Groupe, and TicketsNow, which Ticketmaster purchased for $265 million in 2008.

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