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Krista Pappas

Chief Operating Officer
DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.

Way back in 1996-97, Krista Pappas was the first professional analyst to cover Internet travel, and she’s still widely revered for her ability to identify and foster the development of trends as they emerge. Pappas admits, “I work in digital travel and love everything about it. Traveling anywhere makes me happy. I’m always thinking about where I can travel to next — always.”

Instrumental in the development of online travel sites since the mid 1990s, Pappas was a major force behind Farecast, a travel search engine eventually acquired by Microsoft. She spent several years at Smarter Travel and also led Travel at New York Times Digital after FareChase, where she did business development, was sold to Yahoo. She was most recently Global Director and Head of Travel of Microsoft’s Bing. Pappas now serves as COO of DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co., a leading bike tour operators, while also sitting on numerous travel industry boards.

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