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Launching Skift30: Travel’s Top Online Movers and Shakers

Today, we’re launching Skift30: Travel’s Top Online Movers and Shakers, highlighting the executives shaping investment, acquisitions, trends and innovation in the online travel industry. This follows our first Skift50 list, devoted to the top travel marketers, which recognized the 50 global travel marketers that were exceptional in 2013.

Our new Skift30 list defines the online travel industry in U.S. and Europe: anywhere you go in online travel sector, you’re likely to bump up against these executives, as the movers and shakers who help foster startup ecosystem either by serially starting companies, by investing in it, by mentoring it, by looking at acquiring companies in the space, by defining trends in it, or by completely redefining whole swathes of travel industry.

From Philip Wolf, the charismatic founder of PhoCusWright who defined online travel for a whole industry, to Joel Cutler, the investor-kingmaker in online travel, to Marina Kolesnik, the CEO of Russian online travel giant, among the only top woman CEOs in online travel, to Brian Chesky and Travis Kalanick, who are singlehandedly redefining huge swathes of travel industry, we’ve cut across the gamut of innovation in online travel.

One big caveat: as this list shows, the number of people who define the online travel industry in U.S. and Europe is small, white and predominantly male. It is a clear problem at the C level in online travel, and hopefully in the coming years we hope to see the list be as diverse as our first list of top travel marketers.

As usual, we love any and all feedback — positive or negative — drop us a line