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Steve Huffman

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer

When Hipmunk Co-Founder and CTO Steve Huffman was in a long-distance relationship, he was often confounded by the mess he’d find when he would go online to book airfares to fly and see his girlfriend. His frustrations inspired Hipmunk, a website and mobile app that compares top travel sites’ booking options, presenting them in a user-friendly interface — a process that’s become even simpler with the launch of Hipmunk Anywhere, which allows users to take their searches with them from device to device.

Huffman started Hipmunk with co-founder Adam Goldstein. He also,with college roommate Alexis Ohanian, co-founded Reddit — which they sold to Conde Nast in 2006. Says Huffman, “The most important thing you can do is build something. Investors… are looking for teams who can execute their ideas. A prototype, or even better, traction with actual users, is a thousand times more important than the specific idea, degrees, or anything else.”

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